A downloadable game for Windows

Hi there, I'm a german game programming student and I have to make a game for a project which is essential for the grade of my current term. It's my first serious project so please don't judge me too hard.

My expectation from itch.io and from you is to get some suggestion for improvement and what I should implement in my game to make it better.

So what's Rinth:
Rinth is a 3D, first person game, in which you have to solve puzzles/riddles to get the key and escape the level. Of course there are some dangerous things like enemies who are hunting you, laser doors and some more.

It would be really cool if you help me to improve this project with your ideas. I will upload a playable version of the game in the next days.

Thank you guys.

Install instructions

Simply download and unpack the .rar file. Then just double click the .exe. No further installation needed.


Rinth_Alpha_0.1.0.rar 12 MB